This holiday villa has four private bedrooms, two master bedrooms and two singel. What room will be yours?

All rooms are about 9 m2 spacious. All have full figure mirrors, double wardrobes, one part with drawers and one with hangers. The windows have blackout curtains.  But all beds are different, soft, medium, foam, but let´s explain more in text under each room.

Master bedroom 1

This room is the most private. It has a 160 cm bed with 7 cm foam mattress on top of a medium elastic bottom. The duvets are medium and not to warm. The room has two small windows, it makes this room cooler. Next door is the bathroom and the cabinett with fire extinguisher and fire blanket. If you want to spend your holiday private, this is the room for you.

Master bedroom 2

This room is called the light room. Well, it still has blackout curtains. But it also has a color light strip over the window and this is the room with dressing table and good light. The bed is 160 cm and has dubbel mattresses with coolsystem on top of a soft elastic bottom. The duvets and pillows are light.

Bedroom 3

This is a singel bedroom. Do you like to spend your holiday drawing, I think you will find equipment here. The 120 cm bed has a thin mattress on top of a soft elastic bottom. The duvets are medium and pillow is light.

Bedroom 4

Do you need some privacy playing games on your computer? This is the room for you. It has a big desk and a comfortable gambling chair. It is a 120 cm comfortable medium/hard bed. The duvets are medium and the pillow is hard.

Extra room and beds

If you need an extra bed to put in the other rooms, or if you need to move out of a master bedroom, there are beds available in this little extra living room. You find the mattresses, pillows, duvets in the wardrobes in master bedroom 2.

The two master bedrooms are located in northeast part of this private holiday villa. Each entrance in opposite directions, one close to the bathroom and kitchen and the other is by the hall. So you will stay private. The two singel bedrooms are located in southeast part of the villa and next to each other with wardrobes between, for extra soundproofing and privacy. Next to these rooms are a smaller living room, with two narrower extra beds. All bedrooms are about 9 m2 spacious.